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About Us

Our roots

In 1986 Colin Millichamp started a small company call CM Spares, specialising in engineers supplies and Land Rover parts, and built a solid reputation for quality and friendly service.  Everyone knew Colin as a 'good bloke', and he loved his job. He sold the business so he could start deer-farming, which had been his lifelong dream. Sadly onlya year later he died in a quad bike accident. He will always be a big part of the company, and as such we proudly retain his initials as an integral part of our brand.

In 2018, CM Trailer Parts entered a new phase, becoming part of DexKo Global Inc, the world's leading supplier of advanced trailer, RV chassis technology and related components. It has joined forces with AL-KO New Zealand to become 'CM Trailer Parts - an AL-KO Company'.  Our presence in both Ashburton and Auckland allows up to provide an even higher standard of service to our customers.




In 2018, we commenced an exciting new era in the company’s history when we were acquired by DexKo Global.

About DexKo Global.

Trailer Axle & Chassis Supply Global Leader.

DexKo Global Inc was formed at the end of 2015 combining Dexter, a leading designer and manufacturer of trailer axles, brakes and related components in North America and AL-KO Vehicle Technology (“VT”), a European designer and manufacturer of trailer axles, trailer and caravan components, chassis and motorized chassis. The combination of these two companies create a global leader in the trailer axle and chassis supply industry with over 130 years of trailer and caravan componentry experience and sales approaching nearly $1 billion.

The majority shareholder of DexKo is KPS Capital Partners and supports the growth strategy. DexKo is headquartered in Novi, Michigan (USA), making optimal use of the resources of both companies.

With DexKo Global Inc., we are on an expansion course around the world. We are a global market leader in our core business fields. Last but not least, the merger with Dexter Axle shows that we think in long-term cycles and, with healthy growth, are taking a role in actively shaping our commercial future. The image that we have built for ourselves over decades makes us the contact in all our business fields today. With our strong brands, we are one of the designers of the mobile future. That makes us attractive to employees, beginners and professionals, who want to move things with AL-KO and take on responsibility. We're constantly reinventing ourselves, we're always moving forward. A company performance that is directly reflected in corporate value, turnover and profitability. Now and in the future